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Employment Agreements & Service Contracts

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There’s far less fighting when it’s in writing.

Handshake/verbal agreements are problematic for many reasons – but the key one being that oftentimes people have a different recollection as to what the terms of the agreement were. The best solution is to put the agreement on paper so all parties are clear on the terms of any agreement.

We are happy to assist with both employment agreements and service contracts.

Employment Agreements:

We can assist both employees and employers with the following:

  • Drafting/amending employment agreements and policies

  • Providing legal opinions/consultations on proper termination pay for dismissal, what is considered just cause, and human rights issues such as duties to accommodate disabilities

  • Reviewing/drafting notices of termination, releases of liability, and settlement offers

  • Giving advice about how to file or defend a complaint made to Alberta Employment Standards and the Alberta Human Rights Commission.

Service Contracts:

We are happy to assist small businesses with drafting all manner of contracts including:

  • Exclusive representation agreements

  • Sub-contractor agreements

  • Construction/renovation agreements

  • Client service agreements and waivers (i.e. massage therapy, in home care)

  • Release and use of personal information forms

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