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Wills and Estates

An Estate plan includes a Will, an Enduring Power of Attorney and a Personal Directive. These documents direct  how your estate will be distributed and how financial and care decisions may be made on your behalf.

River Rock Law is ready to assist in putting this most important plan in place.

Residential Real Estate

Whether the purchase of a first home, a vacation or investment property, or the sale of a deceased family member’s condo.

River Rock Law can facilitate any and all residential purchase and sale real estate agreements.


Employment Agreements & Service Contracts

Handshake/verbal agreements are problematic.

The best solution is always to put pen to paper.

Let River Rock Law help ensure your agreement is legal and equitable.

Litigation Assistance

Contemplating suing someone in small claims court? Or have you been sued?

Unsure what you you should do next?

Call to discuss how River Rock Law can assist.

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